Scott Jose Fitness

Scott Jose Fitness

Scott Jose Fitness was set up with the ambition to educate people on how to drastically change their body and see the results they want. I base all of my training protocols on optimal training, removing all of the unnecessary exercises to get you the greatest return on time invested in the gym. I have achieved this with many clients through the highest quality of online coaching and one to one personal training.

I have worked with CEO's of companies, 9-5 office workers, busy mother's and athletes, all of which achieving exceptional results. To obtain such results I use tried and tested nutritional programming and periodised training, backed by scientific evidence. Our aim is to get you the results safely and in the shortest time possible. Optimal training for quick results.

Each clients program will be tailored to their individual goals, needs and lifestyle. You will not be provided with an incomprehensible diet or the latest workout craze because it’s the “IN” thing right now. I aim to arm you with the most up to date, results based coaching. With consistent research, reading and improving already tried and tested techniques I can assure you that the results you want are not too far away.

I specialise in body transformations, weight loss/ fat loss, muscle hypertrophy, strength and performance all accompanied by in depth nutritional programming

Scott Jose Personal Training

Personal training

Optimal training for optimal results. You can expect the results you want in the shortest time possible
Scott Jose Online Training


The exact same detailed quality service as one to one training for as little as £6.66 per day
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Combining handpicked luxurious resorts, training, treatments and nutrition to form a once in a lifetime opportunity