Who is

Scott Jose

From an early age all I had an interest for was being active. I have practised a lot of different sports through the years – football, tennis, rugby, and swimming. However, I had a real passion for playing football at a professional level. Through a lot of hours spent training, being coached by some of the best youth development coaches around, I was able to play across Europe - competing in many tournaments, representing the South West of England, playing for Plymouth Argyle Youth and spending a week being coached by a top La Liga team Valencia CF.

At the age of 18, I was dealt a dream-breaking blow when I was released from the Pro team Plymouth Argyle. It felt as though my dream of playing on the biggest footballing stage was over. I was soon after spotted and invited to a few trials and even got offered a scholarship to play in America. By this time I had already started to turn my attention to physical development and was almost thinking of career beyond football. This led me to move into higher education and not take up any of the offers I had available to me.

Once in higher education, studying Sports Development, my passion for physical change of the body through fitness based exercise grew. While being at university I spent a lot of time in the gym, the sight of physical change and development was addictive. I was at the gym, training along with my room mate, day in day out, hung-over, tired, no matter how much assignments had to complete, I always made time for training.

During my third year of university I opted to complete my level 2 and 3 qualifications for gym instructor and personal trainer. A few years later after doing small amounts of work at home, this led me to move away from my home county, sleepy Cornwall, and embark on a personal career in London.

6 years later, I am now a qualified Strength Coach by Strength Sensei (Charles Poliquin), level 2 PICP. I’ve helped hundreds of clients reach their individual goals, many of which drastically changing their bodies appearance, mind set on nutrition and health. Completed thousands of one to one and group based training sessions. I’ve started, developed and progressed a full class structure for a gym. Which now runs with 35 plus classes a week at full occupancy year round. I coach people around the world via my online coaching section. Whether they want to lose body fat, gain muscle or improve strength, they’ve all seen results. I am a body composition expert.

My next chapter is to move into educating the general public and eventually my peers. Educate them on the most effective, scientifically proven ways of losing body fat, increasing muscle and structuring strength plans for individuals or elite teams. Look out for my seminars, training days and training boot camps in the near future.