Personal training is a fantastic way to achieve the results you want when lacking motivation, knowledge of correct lifting technique, plus designing an effective programme and confidence to train alone. You can expect a very in depth, hands on approach that will see you achieving the results you want in the shortest time possible

I cater for, and consistently deliver expectant results for men and women alike in;

  • Fat Loss
  • Muscle Building
  • Strength & Conditioning/Performance

£80 per session

Daily Support
I will communicate with you daily to ensure you are staying on track, motivated and overcome any problems that may arise. After all we want this process to be enjoyable and sustainable for life. I will work with you closely to ensure you are still enjoying life to the full, and not excluding yourself from social gatherings due to "being on a diet".
Initial Nutrition Analysis
It is vital we get a full picture of your current nutritional habits. From this we can work towards a plan that works around you and your lifestyle, NOT one that has you feeling as though you cannot do this after reading the first sentence.
Short Term Goal Setting
With the long term goals discussed and agreed upon, we will set short term (weekly) goals to accomplish and ultimately work towards the end goal. This will ensure you are constantly progressing and improving.
Number of Sessions Per Week
In the onset, I always recommend to every single client that we see each other for two or three one to one sessions a week. Regular face to face contact will ensure you are on track, and gives you time to learn and become confident in what is required over time with practise. After all, you don't need me forever. I aim to equip you with the knowledge to sustain this lifestyle.
Weekly Nutritional Reviews
At the end of each week we will review your previous week. We will take a look at your nutrition to discover what you liked, what you didn't, what worked well and what didn't. I want you to enjoy your food and work towards your fat loss or muscle building goal*.
Body Fat Testing
Should you wish to have your body fat tested we can do this on a bi-weekly basis. I use an accurate method using skin callipers, measuring milimetres of body fat.

* On request, I am more than happy to plan all of your meals for you and get them delivered to your home or office for an additional cost

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