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"I would highly recommend, you will be extremely happy with the results"

I have always been a keen sportsman, surfing, playing rugby and going to the gym 3 or 4 times a week. I had it stuck in mind that because I was active I could eat whatever I liked, but I was unable to see a clear 6 pack and gain lean muscle mass. This prompted me to get in touch with Scott and follow a 6 week online coaching plan. As you can see, it was a decision I have never looked back upon. In the short period of time I gained good lean muscle mass, a clear defined 6 pack and I became stronger, quicker, more powerful and much more of a threat on the rugby field. I would highly recommend Scott to anyone, you will be extremely happy with the results
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"I would recommend Scott to anyone, no matter their goals!"

Scott completely changed my life! I ended up losing a stone, 2 full dress sizes and gained a ton of muscle in the process. But along with the obvious changes, he also transformed the way I approach both working out and my diet. Whenever I was struggling with a certain aspect he'd help me figure out how to get back on track in a way that worked for me. Every workout with Scott is different and creative, and he always makes sure you are get the most out of your training session. I would recommend Scott to anyone, no matter their goals!
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"As a result I lost 16kg and my body fat dropped from 24% to 12%"

Scott is an inspirational trainer, his patience, skill and in depth knowledge has helped me on my journey to a healthier and happier lifestyle. I trained with Scott for an intense 2 month programme where he changed my diet and incorporated a mix of 1 to 1 weights based sessions and high intensity fitness classes that he instructs at H2. As a result I lost 16kg and my body fat dropped from 24% to 12%. Although I only worked with Scott for a short and intense period, it has changed my mentality and I have found it quite easy to maintain the exercise program and a healthy diet to date. I will definitely sign up for another intense program with Scott in the future
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"In 6 weeks I gained pure lean muscle mass for the first time saw ab definition"

I followed a 6 week online training and nutrition plan provided by Scott. I was optimistic at first as I was expecting something similar to what you find in the mainstream fitness magazines. However, this was totally different. In 6 weeks I gained pure lean muscle mass, for the first time saw ab definition, increased my strength, became vascular and gained huge amounts of knowledge and understanding through the information provided and frequent email contact from Scott. The training was fun, it was constantly changing to keep the body guessing and the diet was very manageable and flexible which made it a lot easier to follow
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"I finally was able to move past the 'last 10 lb' and look and feel amazing"

I had been training quite consistently for about three years when I decided to start personal training with Scott. I felt pretty fit and had a good amount of muscle but never saw the complete results in the mirror. I always tried to eat healthy but didn't see myself getting the body of my dreams. When I started personal training with Scott he incorporated more heavy weight lifting and interval training than I had ever done. He also gave me a lot of easy to follow rules for my diet. Scott helped me stay motivated with my diet and stay on track. Combining training sessions once a week and following his diet plan led me to shed that last 6 kg of body fat to reveal muscle tone and definition. I finally was able to move past the ''last 10 lb'' and look and feel amazing.