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If you want to create a well sculpted, muscular physique, the ‘Muscle Building’ package does just that.

Gaining muscle, for some, is tough. In most cases its due to poor training program design, exercise execution and actually not eating the quantity of food that is needed. I will equip you with a progressive overloading program, using many training variables to maximise muscle growth.

Along with the above, your nutrition will be designed to optimise muscle growth through recovery, and food choices for fuelling your workouts.

This is a lean muscle building package. Overeating, ‘dirty bulking’ methods are dated, the leaner you are the more muscle growth potential you have.

*Daily meal delivery is an extra add on I offer to all packages. On request, I can take care of all your calorie and macronutrient food intake on a daily basis. The food is extremely tasty and can be delivered to your home or office, in the London area. This service is at an extra cost. Please leave me a message upon signing up if you’re interested in the extra service.

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