Rapid Fat Loss Package


Package Lowdown:

This package is designed for anyone wanting to drop body fat quickly. A short period of time before your holiday or you want to look shredded like a fitness cover model, this package is for you.

The nutritional programming will be very in depth with calorie and macronutrient breakdowns with daily and weekly targets to be completed. Progressively changing week by week, using aggressive loading, cycling and depleting techniques to work towards optimal body composition.

Training volume will be higher than that of the ‘Weight Loss’ package, with a larger range of training variables to keep the body guessing and changing.

The approach used is very quick results orientated, with the end result being optimal body composition.

*Daily meal delivery is an extra add on I offer to all packages. On request, I can take care of all your calorie and macronutrient food intake on a daily basis. The food is extremely tasty and can be delivered to your home or office, in the London area. This service is at an extra cost. Please leave me a message upon signing up if you’re interested in the extra service.

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